Build anything inside Tana, ⚡️ faster than ever.

You know Tana is a fantastic tool.
And you want to create a system in Tana.

But don’t know how to build it.

Or you can't fully understand how Tana works.

After all, Tana is quite complex, and there are many, many possibilities.

❓ How to know you're on the fastest path?

❓ How to know you're using Tana to it's full potential?

1:1 Tana Mentoring

The fastest path to your Tana goals.

Do you want my dedicated guidance (and years of expertise) to help you build an intelligent Tana system, faster than ever?

If the answer is yes, I have good news!

We can work together in 1:1 mentoring sessions where I’ll guide you and teach you individually, with my full dedicated attention.

Regardless of what your challenge may be, I am certain we can solve it.

You will learn what are the most important: features, skills, concepts, and AI prompts that you need to be able to build the system you desire.

Why can I help you?

Meet Fis Fraga!

Hello, I am Fis, you might already know me, but let me formally introduce myself.

As you may know, I am a Tana Ambassador and a digital creator.

I have a master’s degree in Computer Science, having published my thesis, and two academic papers about creating AI connections in PKM, including the first academic paper ever written about Tana.

I’m a guest teacher for the largest AI community in Brazil (4000+ people) with a module about Advanced Prompt Engineering.

Finally, I am a veteran in the Building a Second Brain (BASB) methodology, as a teacher in BASB Cohort 17 (400+ people) and the Manager in Brazil, working on the launches for both the BASB book and course.

By working with me, you'll have access to my background and expertise working with Tana, PKM and AI, applied directly to your system and workflows.

I can give you my personal guarantee that you're taking the fastest path towards your goals in Tana.

How can I help you?

What's included in Tana Mentoring.

Tana Mentoring Sessions are designed to provide you structured guidance, expert knowledge and tailored feedback to help you advance fast in Tana.

Regardless of the format (more on this below), we shall go through 3 stages:

  1. Assessment
  2. Mentoring
  3. Feedback

1. Assessment

Main Focus: Identify Priority Tana Skills.

The first thing we'll do is a 30 min Discovery Call to identify what skills and features are most important for your specific needs.

For this, we will use the Tana Expertise Hub (image below ↓).

Tana Expertise Hub (Don't worry, you'll get access to this!)

This will pave the way for our collaboration, as I will understand exactly what guidance you need, and how I can serve you best.

From here, I will plan the session(s) accordingly.

2. Mentoring

Main Focus: Improve your Tana expertise and skills.

Guided sessions focused on helping you building a system in Tana, and teaching any aspect of Tana that is important to you.

After the sessions, you will get access to:

  • Full Recording
  • Transcript
  • Meeting General Overview
  • Important Items Covered
  • Next Actions

3. Feedback

Main Focus: Guide your next steps.

You will receive feedback with the most important features and skills to study, along with a List of Resources personalized to your specific needs.

Bonus Resources:

1. Tana Expertise Hub
  • Access to the Tana Expertise Hub, a Tana workspace that you can navigate and study, to understand the different components involved in Tana.
2. Tana Fis Input Assistant v1.1.3 – AI Assistant
  • Access to an AI Assistant expert in Tana Paste. This will help you Input items into Tana, by converting from other formats to Tana Objects.
3. Tana Fis General v1.1.3 – AI Chatbot
  • Access to an AI Chatbot trained with Knowledge about Tana. This will help you understand how Tana works and how to use Tana’s features.

Mentoring Format

Let's work together!

You can choose to buy Tana Mentoring in two formats:

1. Single Mentoring Session (1h)

  • Investment: $137,00
  • Materials: Tana Publish Page with meeting material.

2. Month Mentoring Cycle - 4 Sessions (4h)

  • Investment: $432,00 (= $116 discount)
  • Materials: Shared Tana Workspace with material for all meetings.

Both formats include a 30 min assessment session to understand what aspects of Tana are important to you.

If you're ready, you can purchase in the links below:

If not, you can book your discovery session (assessment) for FREE:

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